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Welcome to Pickledillie Designs!

At Pickledillie Designs, we believe in the power of creativity and the joy it brings to our lives. Founded by Hannah, inspired by her adorable Pomeranians, Pickle & Dillie, our company is a reflection of passion and love for crafting.

Crafting is not just a hobby for us; it's a way of life. We find immense joy in the art of hand-sewing dog bows, creating beautiful flower crowns, and bringing countless other creations to life. What sets us apart is our commitment to sustainability, as we often incorporate reused materials and metals into our designs, giving new life to forgotten treasures.

With a handful of dedicated clients who consider us their own private artist, we take pride in our personalized approach. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique vision and bring it to fruition. Whether you're looking for a one-of-a-kind accessory for your furry friend or a stunning piece of jewelry made just for you, we're here to turn your ideas into reality.

But our creativity doesn't stop at crafting. At Pickledillie Designs, we embrace the endless possibilities that creativity offers. Hannah's artistic talents extend beyond crafting to writing, blogging, poetry, book creation, photography, and graphic design. Our diverse range of services allows us to bring a fresh perspective and a unique touch to every project.

When you choose Pickledillie Designs, you can expect a personalized, high-quality experience. We pour our heart and soul into every creation, ensuring attention to detail and a touch of magic in every stitch, word, or image. We believe that beauty lies in the small details, and our creations are a testament to that belief.

Join us on this creative journey, where the possibilities are endless. Explore our portfolio, browse our blog, or reach out to us with your ideas. Let Pickledillie Designs bring a touch of creativity and charm to your life. Together, we can turn ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

Thank you for choosing Pickledillie Designs.

With love and creativity,

Hannah and the Pickledillie Team

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